• iTS-300

iTS-300 is an AGV developed by Castec. 

iTS-300 uses LIDAR technology to detect and avoid obstacles, identify the environment, and is capable of performing path planning.

iTS-300 provides multiple I/O ports, easily integrates with peripherals such as racks, conveyor belts, robotic arms, etc for numerous automation applications.

  • Product Features
  • Product Specification
  1. ★LIDAR technology, automatic obstacles avoidance, no magnetic tape track need
  2. ★Self navigation, automatic path planning for best route
  3. ★Automatic charging
  4. ★User friendly interface
Dimension 770 mm * 760 mm * 389 mm
Weight 130 kg
Payload(max) 250 kg
Speed(max) 1800 mm/s
Turning Radius 1000 mm
Charging Station Single phase  220V ; 20A (input)
Runtime 10 hrs @200kg payload (100% -> 20%)
Charging Time 50 min (20% ~ 100%)