Lynx/Mobile robot
Lynx/Mobile robot
  • Lynx/Mobile robot
Lynx/Mobile robot

Adept Lynx is an Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle that can do path planning automatically.

Lynx doesn't need magnetic floor or guiding mark, with Adept software package , it can drive in crowded environments with obstacle or people and compensate the shortage of traditional AGV.

Ideal using environment for Lynx: Semiconductor, Solar, F&B, logistics industry.




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1.Automatic Path planning

2.Navigate through the use of a digital map without magnetic tape

3.Avoid obstacles safely

4.Contral management control/ dispatch system

Weight 60Kg
Payload 90Kg
Battery 24 VDC LiFeP04
Recharge time 3.5Hr
Run Time 13 hrs(continuous)
Speed 1.35 m/s
Turning radius 0
Battery life 7 Yrs