Insertion machine
Insertion machine
  • Insertion machine
Insertion machine

Easy to use with friendly user interface. The high-precision robotic arm improves accuracy and enhances the application, greatly improves productivity for customers.

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  • ★Compatible with multiple types of feeder (Tube, Tape & Reel, Vibration, Tray )

  • ★-Gripper type arm or vacuum type arm. Complement with vision check for components’ defectivity and positioning.

  • Robot arm mounted with CCD camera to check for PCB alignment and vision inspection.

  • Insert components to correct pin location with precision.

Dimension 1300*1500*1900mm
Cycle Time 3~9 sec(depend on component)
Repeatability ±0.1mm
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Width of PCB 140~190mm(Max. 450mm)
Gripper Electric Gripper, Vacuum Pad
Feeder Vibration Plate, Belt Feeder Radial Tape Feeder, Horizontal Feeder, Tube Feeder (Max 4 sets)
Optional item Buffer Conveyor