i-Operator (Model : iO-5)
i-Operator (Model : iO-5)
  • i-Operator (Model : iO-5)
  • i-Operator (Model : iO-5)
i-Operator (Model : iO-5)

Robots play a key role in moving towards smart manufacturing. 

iO-5 offers a mobile robot solution using a safe, 6-axis collaborative robot arm at 5kg payload.

iO-5 navigates by itself through a digital map.  It does not require magnetic tape track, and does its own path planning.  Using a central control platform and a user-friendly interface, iO-5 provides an excellent automated delivery solution for enterprises.

Note: iO-5 conforms to SEMI S2 standard and is applicable to semiconductor manufacturing environment.

  • Product Features
  • Product Specification
  1.  ★Self navigation, auto path planning
  2.  ★No magnetic tape track needed
  3.  ★Automatic obstacles avoidance.  Automatic new path identification if path is being blocked
  4.  ★Dynamic path planning
  5. ★ Remote monitoring
  6. ★Automatic charging
Cart payload 20kg
Robot payload 5kg
Battery 24 VDC LiFeP04
Run time 7Hr(continuous/max)
Recharge time 3.5Hr
Battery life 7 Year
Output voltage 5V,12V,20V DC
Speed 1.0m/s(max)
Weight 100kg